Sunday, November 30, 2003

Something of the Zee 16 sort (remember this game show used to come on Zee TV some 9-10 years back...)
i found this actually works.

Friday, November 28, 2003

Ever happened with you?
They taking your photo but you can hardly smile...
i am talking about the X-ray of my last but one remaining molar tooth.
Soon shall say Good-bye to the last one if they do not recommend opening the root canal :-(

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

However far apart
Two lovers roads maybe
If they are made for each other
And all is meant to be...

Their roads will wind together
No given time or place
Two hearts will beat as one
Theirs souls, tightly embrace

A piece of each ones heart
Will hold the other’s name
Engraved upon it perfectly
While all else remains the same

Now these hearts are beating
But they’ll separate again
Leave each other’s arms
Cause each other pain

Separated lovers
Waiting for one thing
To cross paths once again
And see what life will bring

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Whispering Winds -- Marge Tindal

I hear them whisper your name,
those mighty winds that blow.
I know that you are close at hand,
the winds just told me so.

The direction from whence they blew,
I am not sure I know.
For only when I hear your name,
am I sure the winds did blow.

Caressing my face with a whisper ...
calling out your name,
the winds of delight entice me.
I will never be the same.

I will follow the singing wind.
where it leads me I do not know.
For the winds that blew you from me ...
will take me where I must go.

Upward into the hills,
calmly across the sea,
Hold on my love, I'm coming ...
The wind has beckoned me.

Free to wander and search this earth,
no matter how far that may be.
Free to follow the whispering wind ...
until it blows me back to thee.

I hear your laughter on the wind.
I try with all my might,
to reach out and touch you
on this windy night.

You must be getting closer
for I feel your whispered love.
I reach out my hand to you,
please find me, my sweet dove.

You grasp my hand in yours
and softly speak my name,
out of the whispering winds
We are together again.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Hello there!
Just a note to say hello,
Before I start my day;
Couldn't help but drop a line,
To my friends here and away.

As I sip my hot coffee,
Thoughts of you have crossed my mind;
I'm sending morning greetings,
And hope your day is fine.

I have to go now my friend,
Have lots to do today;
Just wanted to say good morning,
And you Have a nice day !!

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

The D'Day!
Its passion of 1,20,000 fans Vs. Professionalism of 11 guys...
Its Ponting Raja Bhoj Vs. Soaurav Gangu( te)ly...
Lets wait and see if its gonna be same old story or a new epic in the making...

Thursday, November 13, 2003

And here is a must read...
O Henry's last work
Someone's said...

Easy is to get a place is someone's address book.
Difficult is to get a place in someone's heart.

Easy is to judge the mistakes of others
Difficult is to recognize our own mistakes

Easy is to talk without thinking
Difficult is to refrain the tongue

Easy is to hurt someone who loves us.
Difficult is to heal the wound...

Easy is to ask for forgiveness
Difficult is to forgive others

Easy is to set rules.
Difficult is to follow them...

Easy is to dream every night.
Difficult is to fight for a dream...

Easy is to show victory.
Difficult is to assume defeat with dignity...

Easy is to admire a full moon.
Difficult to see the other side...

Easy is to stumble with a stone.
Difficult is to get up...

Easy is to enjoy life every day.
Difficult to give its real value...

Easy is to promise something to someone.
Difficult is to fulfill that promise...

Easy is to say we love.
Difficult is to show it every day...

Easy is to criticize others.
Difficult is to improve oneself...

Easy is to make mistakes.
Difficult is to learn from them...

Easy is to weep for a lost love.
Difficult is to take care of it so not to lose it.

Easy is to think about improving.
Difficult is to stop thinking it and put it into action...

Easy is to think bad of others
Difficult is to give them the benefit of the doubt...

Easy is to receive
Difficult is to give

Easy to read this
Difficult to follow

Easy is to keep the friendship with words
Difficult is to keep it with meanings.

Sunday, November 02, 2003

Balance Sheet Of Life

Our Birth is our Opening Balance
Our Death is our Closing Balance
Our Prejudiced Views are our Liabilities
Our Creative Ideas are our Assets
Heart is our Current Asset
Soul is our Fixed Asset
Brain is our Fixed Deposit
Thinking is our Current Account
Achievements are our Capital
Character & Morals, our Stock-in-Trade
Friends are our General Reserves
Values & Behaviour are our Goodwill
Patience is our Interest Earned
Love is our Dividend
Children are our Bonus Issues
Education is Brands / Patents
Knowledge is our Investment
Experience is our Premium Account
The Aim is to Tally the Balance Sheet Accurately.
The Goal is to get the Best Presented Accounts Award
Its November, and this is that time of the year when i go back to my new year resolutions list that i had compiled ten months back, to have a look at them and see how many of these i can start following, sooner or later.
Its never too late,as long as you are still breathing