Saturday, March 15, 2008

This time I was surprised to surprise myself this way!
Was it an accidental tresppassing or a co-incidental discovery, just about when the dark empire has started opening its doors to the world outside. Not sure, as always, but the fun part was I was loving to get lost in this meshy and vast territory with little LAMP in my hand ;) The kingdom, where everybody's a king! The sneak in could very easily turn into that drowning into dark, deeper, unknown waters... or who knows, could end up discovering the new world of it's kind with little mermaids and mermen living happily in perfect harmony with the nature and each other....

the weekend passtime turned into a surpsirse exploration of the open source world and its coming along nice:
a small search algo to pull data from my server and display it (
in nice format)
and adding more data to the site, can easily let me customize it.

Monday, March 03, 2008

sachin = (cricket == religion) ? God : human;
Prologue: Is sachin a match winner? Statistic: Last two years’ stats says, Sachin averages 20 while India batting second, chasing, while he averages 50+ India batting first.
Meet the most prolific, technically best and most respected batsman with huge experience of 17 years in his kitty. He is said to possess an uncanny ability of rising to the occasion especially against tougher opposition. He helps India to reach finals, but then probably fails to finish it off himself. Perhaps, he takes the whole responsibility on his own shoulders which obviously and arguably is expected of him, while this being a team sport IMO he needs to build the innings around him with support of others. Perhaps, is it too late or unfair for anybody to comment on how he should be playing and how he should not be playing? This is not because we are witnessing the beginning of the end of his cricketing career, but it is because he has by now become such a grand university in himself where so many of other players, critics, commentators, analysts and contemporaries even struggle to get through and pave themselves in. He has been a lifeline to the nation starved of sporting glory as is the mighty river Ganges, the backbone of life in northern part of India. Very rarely it is seen a single person becoming the living Idol on whom rests the faith and expectations and emotions of the whole nation; compared in equivalence to this are very few entities like the Sun, the Moon, the Rain, ocean, and the God himself. He shows interesting characteristics that has to be understandably taken note of: He speaks less but lets his bat do the job, there are some people who are dreaded of him while there are some people who loves him and believes in him, he has a short physical stature but when it matters he unveils his grandeur in whose blaze all the miseries and problems gets vanished like a magic, He comes in and all of sudden it starts raining runs off his willow like thunderstorm and longing rain in a barren land, there are times when all shoulders are down and there is no hope and there are doubts if he as they think really exists and then he proves us to keep faith and he will deliver.

Last night too there were doubts in people’s minds and at the same time hopes resting on him to deliver the goods and once again he came in, came in good, unleashing in his very own human avatar, proving to believe in him as the savior.