Friday, February 23, 2007

Destination MSFT!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Gawd! here or there, tv sucks!!!

time to take a break from daily hammering of news reports and biographc stories coming from all directions abt the life_and_after abt another merilin manroW in the making, Annna Nickkole, posthomously; snowfalls and super-bowls; robberries and reported fire break outs, President Day hush hush in the consumer market, and primary run-ups for the Presisdency by high profiles.
time to move back to subscribed desi tvs and put head deep butt & consume n number of baskets of potato chips sitting on the couch... a hapless home-coming to Indy idiot box... old agonising reality shows, music games, grand saans-grand bahus' soaps with characters in 20 somethings rigging out silvery wigs to turn from romantic newlyweds to dutiful parents and cut two -> to worn out forth generation patriarch of "the respective families" and still going on! ;)
time to get on to see the flip-flop of Indian hopes in upcoming WC with individuals shining and whining in every next match like as uncertain as itself, just abt next to the sub-continental neighbours...
time to bear the onslaught of recently_released_n_instantly_ambushed_into_oblivion hindi movies...

did u hear that? seems dat in the messy world of internet giants tugging for bigger pies, the now grown up Ggle (the David) clearly standing out n elbowing all the Goliaths! (personal account of a small town mortal currently surfing from a weak signal Liberty area hotspot of NJ)