Saturday, March 24, 2007

believe, The Game, that shall still remain The Religion for, The God will always remain even if the battle is lost today......
...but deep inside, forever, He will feel the pain of that one battle lost, 'tho He was on our side!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Russell Peters

This guy is crazy!

Notice: The opinions expressed in this clip are solely presenter's very own, me (a cheap jerk ass funny video downloader) takes no responsiblity for the legalities involved on following his suggestions.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Let the Show Begin...

The season started with The Ice-Man successfully holding the passed on baton of Scarlet Red legacy from The Rain-Master!

The Outgone and The FreshIn

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Birth Of A Hero!!!

Bros and sisters! it isnt rare I have been overwhelmed b4, coming out of that dark hall. Its been numerous times that my imagination has been glorified seeing the heroics from those Lords of the Screen emanating from the darkness and shining with their valiance. Sometimes they stood up for their beliefs and fought against all odds, sometimes they laid their lives to usher in a new world order, a new system, sometimes they just survived to leave behind an exemplar of the life, the truth and above all the conquest of very humane attributes over the opression, the falsity, and all the misanthropy. Sometimes with gun, sometimes seemingly vulnerable while sometimes just with a stick and other times just with the ideas and very basic humane beliefs. But every time they emerged victorious and every time they radiated that belief i put in them from the very start till The End!!!

If I was to pen the history books of this era these would have been my heroes in it:
* Arnold
* Stallone
* Sunny Deol
* Kevin Spacey
* Tom Hanks
* roberto Benigni
* Carleone
* Vijay Bachhan
* Mithun Da
* Russel Crowe

the list is endless and keeps growing every other weekend ;) and this time one more name gets added to it; Gerard Butler with his gallantry brigade of 300 (I happened to met 'em at The Regal, Bellevue on first day second show ;) )

And no matter what one with all the morality will surely keep in mind their call "Remember us!"