Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halo(3)Win!

...and MS trick scares away all other kids coming at the door for a treat... :)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Give and Get!

Have you ever had this feeling? I am sure everyone of us surely has... everyone of us who lives has, everything that exists has! The feeling of joy, the joy of being so calmly excited, excitement out of the achievement, and the achievement of the ultimate victory, victory out of the feeling of that fulfillment, fulfillment of the purpose, a purpose of a mere life and a mere one's existence. That feeling when we say "Yes!", "Yes, we did it" pumping fists in air, or even that calm smile out of the sense of victorious joy for having achieved the purpose... we feel these or somewhat similar to these emotions at every turn at every moment in our daily life (ofcourse there are those moments we don't feel them also, but isn't that again how we take it...? again aren't these finally those just interim moments between successive transition between doing something to achieve the final glory and then actually achieving it? because finally when we are there we look back remember only the sweet moments of how we achieved it and not those elusive moments when we were striving without victory insight... and those moments are also eqully important because those bring higher sense of achievement, aren't we glorified more on winning after being frustrated at the very thought of almost having lost it, don't we feel the joy and happiness after having through the struggle and pain to achieve what we had set to achieve for? aptly goes the saying "sweetness and joy of the glory lies in the struggle and pain put to achieve it", hadn't we had rains we wouldn't have liked the sun so much, hadn't we had the dark nights we wouldn't have loved the mornings, hadn't we had the steep slopes we wouldn't have joy of reaching atop mountains).

But what is the real victory is the real question, is it merely achieving something? how long does such a joy last? how long can we continue glorifying the things we did and we achieved? is there any such eternal joy? is there any victory that lasts forever? is the question... Answer is "yes" there is definitely and the answer lies in itself... it is the joy that lasts till eternity when it comes not from the only victory but being continually aware of achieving more such victories, achieving the higher purpose, the higher purpose of which these are just small stepping stones towards the path reaching there... but the fun is that the destination is not a single stop journey! :) even more so, in knowing that there is no destination, it must take a loooooooong walk down the path to know this very fact, and the fact is that the journey itself is a destination, its just that we just need to keep walking! So, every thinking mind will have an obviously innocent question: "then what's the purpose, if we just have to walk? and if we just have to keep walking isn't there any end?" I guess the answer lies in itself again, purpose is nothing but achieving the knowledge that one has to take a sojourn to keep walking and discovering more closely the eternal beauty and deriving heavenly joy of the ultimate purpose!". but then what and where's the end...??? can't be told in words, but it has to be discovered by actually walking down the path... perhaps there is no end or perhaps the end is just another begining but definitely worth taking a walk to know more about it...

Let me share one such joy, along the path that we might come across, it's the "joy of giving". Lot's been said and done about this that doesn't deserve any space on in here. How much do we long for something to achieve, to get? but how often do we achieve it not by getting but by giving? There is this joy of achievement that comes out of non-achievement, to give what we are seeking for... give a smile and what do we get in return is a question that even a new-borne baby answers very clearly, doesn't it? perhaps because new-borne baby doesn't know nothing but to give... give a smile every morning to a person when you are glad and don't know perhaps that person will smile back at us in the evening when we need it most, when we are sad... think you have to get something and then think when sincerely need to give the same thing; when do you feel more strong? we grow stronger when we get to give than we get to just get... in the miserly world of "give and take" if one starts walking down the path of "give and get", "give without expecting" i think we would reach there sooner than later...

Monday, August 27, 2007

Aaaaargh.... what is the worst curse mankind has ever had, u ask me, ask me what is the single thing that has proved to be the biggest side effect of all the times.... Leave that thing aside for awhile and let's try to convict the original culprit who is the root of all the bad causes that has caused tremendous damage to the society, human kind and most importantly also to itself. If I were to ask it to present itself before me, I wouldn't have taken even a second to sentence it to go back to the start of the times and come back to the present time in a rectified and orderly manner... I would sentence it to rigorous imprisonment of trillion centuries in the remotest andman nicobar islands of the universe few quadrillions light years away, or would dump it into the biggest and darkest black hole.... Ask me, and I don't give a damn to Salman khan's crime against innocent black bucks... or Lindsay Lohan's shop lifting act or Sanju baba's convincing attempt by conducting his own version of 'Experiments of the Truth' as a self imposed penance even after being found guilty of bhai da accomplice [ it's no french, it's just punjabi ;) ... for that matter the only french connections I have are: my beard that i name it, the kiss i see in hollywood flicks, the cycling race i see the whole month which a postman from my current land of residence used to come first, and last and least the underewear i wear ]. I won't even give a dime as a charity to Britney's Rehabilitation Aid nor will i crucify Indian team or BCCI for focusing on everything but the actual game...

But i can't even think of forgiving this most wanted for crime of crimes and it is none other that the Computer Science a.k.a Information Technology a.k.a. Software Engineering... yes this is it, who has done the undoable to both Computers and Science alike.... It must be held guilty for the way it has mis-directed the whole human generation into complete dis-array.... Science was happily making progress slowly and steadily on its way to find answer to the biggest question of all, leading us to constantly move forward towards the goal whatever it might had been planned for us... all its ancestors did the same things too during ice- age, stone-age, copper-age, even till recently, till iron-age but then's when it started to behave like a son of super-rich mugal a spoilt brat and then's when we started to lose it all... computer science borned and borned as a thorn in the horn of our evolution....

It claims itself as a science while it knows it isn't anywhere near to it, a mere set of misconcieved notions that solutions can be found by simulating the same scenario mechanically. It's just an art so perfected of trying to perform the same computation by imitating the problem domain 1000 times in the hope that it will work out correctly one time.... and also without any theory to prove it has indeed been worked out, finally....

The very base of this bundle of thoughts that revolves around anything related to computation relies on flawed assumption that there can be only two things that can happen in the world at a given time... in the vast world of umpteen parallel ways of co-exitence of the same patterns the same time it could only be this scientific blunder to consider that a system can exist in only one of the two states at a a time.... 0 or 1, how ridiculous! there are atleast three different colors to even simplest state machine as a street signal and given the flip-flap-flop permutations it can toggle between any of all the 3! possiblities.... if it had to be a "Computer Science" to tell the mankind that two and two comes to 4 then that thing could have been done in a nearabout complete manner even by a chimpanzee, given enough banana stock to the mammal. Give an ape a light bulb, it will toggle it on and off a few hundred times and after knowing the perfect pattern it can easily answer any of your seemingly complex computational problem!

This science gives a wrong impression that its best produce, "computer", knows it all... it is an intelligent machine... whereas we all know, even who knows ABC of this science can tell that that's not the case... its just a dumb electronic cage which we have stuffed a bird and all the atsrologial cards in and whenever we need to find an answer we open out the parrot to pick an appropriate card, that unfortunately tells how mis-fortunate idiots we have made of ourselves by trying to rely on it...

Computer Science, it is the most alien of all sciences, most unknown to the mankind... that is also because there is nothing scientific about it... it's just like a pet hobby of a dropped out student who has been given a magical lamp and not knowing what to exactly do with it and after rubbing it from all sides in the hope that jeannie will come out, finally finds the best use of it... as a dump-pot... Terms like virtual-reality, artificial intelligence, advanced computing, micro and macro computing and networking are all nothing but just like the false promises of a presidential candidate to lure in the crowd but later sublime in the atmoshpere like smoke coming out of the cigars of this same spoilt brat, the computer science!

It has done nothing more than providing the movie writers the food for their thought... something that they always relied on... be it flying planes, or landing on the moon... (but the respective sciences have also backed their notions by proving them in reality too). Ever since humans have started thinking, they must've been inspired by the power of imagination and thoughts and that must be the driving force behind their strife to provide scientific developments to innovate and solve the problem. It is just so unforunate and ironical that it seems that we are reaching the dead end on that thought process ever since the computer science started following a wrong track... one can just wish we get out of the clutches of self-clamped make-beliefs and fly free again to make the ammends....

P.S. Just imagine, had it not been binary arithmeic, what would it have mean to us... so, even if we had followed the street signals logic CPU's would have been performing operations at the rate apprx. 3 to the power x instead of 2 to the power x... extrapolate it a bit more and we can eaily find the age of that distant star in a day instead of few hundred years from now!!! Agreed, there were only cathodes and anodes to begin with but now why can't we think of neutrode / alphode / gammode / betode / sandode or for that matter why do we want to rely only on amplitude / power / voltage of the charge why not on the other parameters like frequency and (electro)magnetism... or for that matter why we still thinking of hard wired systems to help us solve problems. we have light that is already travelling fast in the fibres too, why not trap it for computer science???
that's the biggest harm computer science has done to itself, it has led the community to stop thinking because it has reduced the scope of the box, it just shows those astrological cards that are stuffed inside it!!!

कितने जवाबों के सवाल, कई अनसुलझी पहेलियाँ, कई मंजिलें जहाँ जाना अभी हैं बाक़ी,
कितने खयालों के बवाल, कई अनदेखी नवेलियां, कई जिंदगियां जिसे जीना अभी हैं बाक़ी...

देखें तो ख़्वाब कईं, लेकिन ख्वाबों में भी एक ख्वाब ऐसा हो,
चमकें तो सितारें कई, लेकिन उनमें भी एक आफताब जैसा हो...

चलने को तो हैं राहें कई, लेकिन पहुंचना हैं आख़िर वही,
निकल पडो उस राह पर, जहाँ कदमो के निशाँ ना हो कोई
(कवी - संदिप )

Not bad, this is nice feature that blogger has come up with... though there were few other transliteration tools available so far but it's builtin editing support definitely gives much needed assistance to all those wanted it since long...
It's no news that the internet giant is making big strides in the innovation and leveraging the web 2.0 and 3.0 initiative, but same time one wouldn't make mistake to notice there is something lacking there... the service model, the www restrictions, the real lack of out_of_box_light_bulb_idea even with all the momentous brain power and reserves of pin money, still it's nowhere on the way to take it to be the next car_in_every_house and desktop_in_every_household provider... maybe it can do certain ammends and look far and beyond the ocular vision. just for fun one can hope it doesn't join the list of those sudden shining stars which shot themselves down to oblivion just within a generation...

Monday, June 04, 2007

randomusings of a rambler...

been there, doing that!

OMG! is this some kind of jamaican hangover I had over the period of two gruelling months of bum-bashing received to my homeland team? Or is it that usual buildup to the aestivation i may start having, now that the sun is knocking the door with bags full degree Fahrenheits? whatever the reason might be but a thing is sure its been a high speed marathon of a sort a pedestrian cross-country a non-stop a no_end_in_sight_walkathon that cud easily give Tom Forest Hanks & 'Run Lola Run' a run for their every pace they ran... Anyways, a little reprive now asks me to take a breathe before gearing up again for the final sprint... take stocks of the days passed, take a reading of the miles ran and refuel for another gruelling journey :)

Feels like Christoher Columbus who at the same age that of mine was with all hairs already turned white by then and covered under that big black hood. Feels like, like him I never went on a voyage with any gain in mind, seeking no honor nor wealth for certain, for been all set on a pilgrimage when hope for all these things have actually perished... rather got the underlying truth beneath these mistaken desires; for sure now know there has to be some higher purpose of the very air we are still breathing, may be it is the reason, the realization behind all this, what I am still seeking...

Know, its too much to talk so early abt the journey undertaken... b4 i can really say been there, seen that; but every yard i pass by, every corner i turn at, seems like a new world, a new experience that for sure was unseen so far, bringing every sight a new zeal a new desire to explore more, to pace up few more yards and to turn around few more corners. World can not be round nor can't there be an end to it rather it must be that infinite horizon that has spread across by far one can ever imagine... no geographical no topological boundaries can bind the heavenly experiences of simple pleasure rides through wild wild west!

the images are from the collection of my last month's travels to nearby places in the Puget Sound region...

Saturday, March 24, 2007

believe, The Game, that shall still remain The Religion for, The God will always remain even if the battle is lost today......
...but deep inside, forever, He will feel the pain of that one battle lost, 'tho He was on our side!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Russell Peters

This guy is crazy!

Notice: The opinions expressed in this clip are solely presenter's very own, me (a cheap jerk ass funny video downloader) takes no responsiblity for the legalities involved on following his suggestions.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Let the Show Begin...

The season started with The Ice-Man successfully holding the passed on baton of Scarlet Red legacy from The Rain-Master!

The Outgone and The FreshIn

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Birth Of A Hero!!!

Bros and sisters! it isnt rare I have been overwhelmed b4, coming out of that dark hall. Its been numerous times that my imagination has been glorified seeing the heroics from those Lords of the Screen emanating from the darkness and shining with their valiance. Sometimes they stood up for their beliefs and fought against all odds, sometimes they laid their lives to usher in a new world order, a new system, sometimes they just survived to leave behind an exemplar of the life, the truth and above all the conquest of very humane attributes over the opression, the falsity, and all the misanthropy. Sometimes with gun, sometimes seemingly vulnerable while sometimes just with a stick and other times just with the ideas and very basic humane beliefs. But every time they emerged victorious and every time they radiated that belief i put in them from the very start till The End!!!

If I was to pen the history books of this era these would have been my heroes in it:
* Arnold
* Stallone
* Sunny Deol
* Kevin Spacey
* Tom Hanks
* roberto Benigni
* Carleone
* Vijay Bachhan
* Mithun Da
* Russel Crowe

the list is endless and keeps growing every other weekend ;) and this time one more name gets added to it; Gerard Butler with his gallantry brigade of 300 (I happened to met 'em at The Regal, Bellevue on first day second show ;) )

And no matter what one with all the morality will surely keep in mind their call "Remember us!"

Friday, February 23, 2007

Destination MSFT!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Gawd! here or there, tv sucks!!!

time to take a break from daily hammering of news reports and biographc stories coming from all directions abt the life_and_after abt another merilin manroW in the making, Annna Nickkole, posthomously; snowfalls and super-bowls; robberries and reported fire break outs, President Day hush hush in the consumer market, and primary run-ups for the Presisdency by high profiles.
time to move back to subscribed desi tvs and put head deep butt & consume n number of baskets of potato chips sitting on the couch... a hapless home-coming to Indy idiot box... old agonising reality shows, music games, grand saans-grand bahus' soaps with characters in 20 somethings rigging out silvery wigs to turn from romantic newlyweds to dutiful parents and cut two -> to worn out forth generation patriarch of "the respective families" and still going on! ;)
time to get on to see the flip-flop of Indian hopes in upcoming WC with individuals shining and whining in every next match like as uncertain as itself, just abt next to the sub-continental neighbours...
time to bear the onslaught of recently_released_n_instantly_ambushed_into_oblivion hindi movies...

did u hear that? seems dat in the messy world of internet giants tugging for bigger pies, the now grown up Ggle (the David) clearly standing out n elbowing all the Goliaths! (personal account of a small town mortal currently surfing from a weak signal Liberty area hotspot of NJ)

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

win some lose some!

the week that was in news (on internet tv):

ravikishen lost
roger federer won
shilpa shetty won
sharapova lost
India(n) batting lost yet again
SA just about won
England hit a new low after losing once again on OZ land
Carol lost but won many a hearts n oh My! Baba who used to know 'who will lose every week' won the show!

Reality shows sucks but are must! Last but not the least "Zindagi Zandwa phir bhi Ghamandwa"

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Seems like He has pressed some "mute" button, everything is so silent here! Cars rolling on, hordes of folks walking around on the streets, snow falling like shooting stars from heaven, light rail ferrying up and down, choppers revolving round Manhattan skyscrapers and those vessels crooning as they float over to eastwards; but like all of them are playing some who_talks_first_loses game...

Just a swishiiiing sound of fluvial breeze blowing with usual "cold"-blooded mood from above river Hudson!

All I can hear is high gladiatorial war cry coming out from within.. .. ..

posting from my desk at Exchange Place with Miss Liberty looking down from behind the glass wall!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

jaage Hain Der Tak
Hamen Kuch Der Sone Do,
Thodi Se Raat Aur Hai
Subah To Hone Do

Aadhe Adhure Khwaab
Jo Pure Na Ho Sake,
Ek Baar Phir Se Neend Mein
Woh Khwaab Bone Do -Guru(Bhai)

In the holy name of "the weekend" let me shed some jet lag!