Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Seems like He has pressed some "mute" button, everything is so silent here! Cars rolling on, hordes of folks walking around on the streets, snow falling like shooting stars from heaven, light rail ferrying up and down, choppers revolving round Manhattan skyscrapers and those vessels crooning as they float over to eastwards; but like all of them are playing some who_talks_first_loses game...

Just a swishiiiing sound of fluvial breeze blowing with usual "cold"-blooded mood from above river Hudson!

All I can hear is high gladiatorial war cry coming out from within.. .. ..

posting from my desk at Exchange Place with Miss Liberty looking down from behind the glass wall!

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Shantanu said...

Everyone from India always shares this first impression. Too little ambient noise (like >>SHE<< put a noise-cancelling headphone on my head!). HE is definitely a SHE.