Saturday, March 15, 2008

This time I was surprised to surprise myself this way!
Was it an accidental tresppassing or a co-incidental discovery, just about when the dark empire has started opening its doors to the world outside. Not sure, as always, but the fun part was I was loving to get lost in this meshy and vast territory with little LAMP in my hand ;) The kingdom, where everybody's a king! The sneak in could very easily turn into that drowning into dark, deeper, unknown waters... or who knows, could end up discovering the new world of it's kind with little mermaids and mermen living happily in perfect harmony with the nature and each other....

the weekend passtime turned into a surpsirse exploration of the open source world and its coming along nice:
a small search algo to pull data from my server and display it (
in nice format)
and adding more data to the site, can easily let me customize it.

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