Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Two good oldies just getting even better, and an observation ::both are actors, both starts from 'A', both are still hunks, and both are angry men....

First: Amitabh Bachchan
The man packs AB corp. as a gift wrap for himself for his 61st Birthday. Even as whole Bollywood is looking for that elusive "Boom" time Bachchans are seen on every second poster these days, especially old angry man bringing in the same fire power with each release. And if things fall aplace we will see him in yet another multi-crore project along with Aby's baby named as of now "Ranveer"... Just go on AB

Second: Arnold Shivajinagar
Just when everyone had started writing this man off, he is back with a bang if not on screen then on even bigger stage. They were saying he is waning, but the "California Recall" might be already announcing he is winning. yet another title beckons to this multiple time Mr. Univ.

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