Sunday, May 30, 2004

QLC revisited...

This is in response to my newly found online friend Chirayu's post last week (26th May'04) !

"I'm waiting for a call. I feel liking giving myself a kick on my backside."

Very honest thoughts Chirayu! straight from the heart ;-) and very timely.
First some heavy diet, with all due respect to quotes from Bhagvad Geeta:

Similar query was put long long time back by Partha to Keshava:

arjuna uvaca
jyayasi cet karmanas te
mata buddhir janardana
tat kim karmani ghore mam
niyojayasi keshava

meaning: "Arjuna said: O Janardana, O Keshava, why do You want to engage me in this ghastly warfare, if You think that intelligence is better than fruitive work?"

To this Krishna replies:

loke ’smin dvi-vidha nistha
pura prokta mayanagha
jnana-yogena sankhyanam
karma-yogena yoginam

meaning: "O sinless Arjuna, I have already explained that there are two classes of men who try to realize the self. Some are inclined to understand it by empirical, philosophical speculation, and others by devotional service.

he further explained:
na hi kascit ksanam api
jatu tisthaty akarma-krt
karyate hy avasah karma
sarvah prakriti-jair gunaih

meaning: "Everyone is forced to act helplessly according to the qualities he has acquired from the modes of material nature; therefore no one can refrain from doing something, not even for a moment."

This is some nice shloka ahead in the Geeta:
tattva-vit tu maha-baho
guna gunesu vartanta
iti matva na sajjate

Meaning : "One who is in knowledge of the Absolute Truth, O mighty-armed, does not engage himself in the senses and sense gratification, knowing well the differences between work in devotion and work for fruitive results."

Now some desserts...

i am no expert at it but let me advice here: "seems like you are on the same path as many of us (including me!) feels at this stage of our life. One of my friend had very beutifully described this thing sometime back as "quarter life crisis". Ever heard of it? So it is very obvious. Also as me too not married yet, i can not pass a judgement as really marriage would stabilize the things for you ;-) ? (if indeed it does, let me know ;-) too, because i am also too scared to ruin my life for something never tried... )

But yes, someone had told me "to do whatever you are doing right now with full vigour and dedication, do whatever you are entitled to do. But how would you know what is right and wrong you should be doing, but that does not mean you should keep hopping from place to place in search of something even better, keep on switching things like that. Life is not after all a television set whose remote is in your hand... you are bored and you switch the channel (sometime you just keep switching the channels not sure what you want to watch)..."

OK enough is that babbling...

But at least isn't it good to think about all these things and again getting back to work after convincing the evil in our empty mind that there is no better option or even if it is, it is after you successfully accomplish the job in hand?

That rediscovers to me my favorite song "Live and let die..."

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