Monday, June 14, 2004

Sports weekend...

Me watched non-stop Sports on TV this weekend, privileged by unstoppable Monsoon that touched the city and raring to go full-throttle.

Some good news some bad news for Engish fans. While English cricket team riding on a high tides of success sweeping it clean and tidy, soccer team yet another time found itself standing in front of a wall, failing to open a European account on high note (For French fans it was a wait worth till the end...).

And like in cricket the match is not over till the last ball is bowled, it should be learnt now it is not over till injury time. Some Zs observation Zinedine Zidane turning the match, Becks going down from Hero to Zero, while fellow club-mate Barthez, becoming hero from zero. One more observation all three from same club, shaven headed...

Schumi... does it again. And going by saturday's qualifiers brother taking P1, it was pretty clear Ralf was in with a chance this time (to see the chequered flag after Michael, does it really matter for MS where he starts from?)

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