Friday, July 09, 2004

Well! Yet another weekend is approaching and me feels free as a bird yet again… though with more than a reason to freak out this time around… with sheer joy of making it yet another GOLD in the bag (if things goes well over the weekend)
(And it’s not that elusive medallion a person out of more than billion is hoping for, it’s the CD that gets burnt when they say “Seems like everything is working fine!”)

Only a s/w product dev. can understand the feeling of striking this GOLD (in terms of number of licenses of a product are sold for his/her brain child ideas!!!)

Then this is long term pending change of address (and it would be 13th in last 8 years) i shall accomplish... And as they say “you have to move on”, I have heard this more often from my different landlords every time he comes after 11 months flat contract is over…

Then can get back to finish the remaining four books that I am reading at the moment... currently on screen (not in hand) being this one

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