Monday, August 16, 2004

MS, the Seventh Wonder

He did it again, with Hungarian Grand Prix win (7th in a row) became the world champion again...

Marcus was a great F1 fan and a very good person. So as all good men end up, he went to heaven when he died. He was met at the gates by St. Peter. St. Peter knew that Marcus was a great F1 fan and told him "Here you will be able to see all the great F1 drivers over the years racing against each other in the great tracks of heaven". He was amazed at what he saw. He could enjoy the likes of Ascari, Fangio et al racing against Villeneuve, Senna and others. Watching F1 drivers from different generations racing against each other thrilled Maurice's heart. One day he came upon a track where a lone Ferrari was pounding lap after lap at amazing speed. When he looked closely the driver resembled Schumacher. Maurice was angry and greatly disturbed by what he saw and went to St. Peter with his problem. St. Peter refused to answer him but Maurice kept insisting. Finally St. Peter told me "Whatever I say should not be repeated. The person you saw racing in that Ferrari was GOD. He thinks he is Michael Schumacher".

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