Friday, October 29, 2004

I want to move on...

some scribbles...

From where I started to where I am today
The journey has been long & tiring
from nothing to some thing I am today
It’s not been an easy journey.

Tried with luck; Tried with hard work
Tried with destiny too
But nothing worked for me.
It’s not been an easy journey.

Found love but lost love too
Found friends but lost them too
Found money, even lost that one too
But the journey continued

Today I stand facing the world
It’s beckoning me to start all over again
I miss no more all bygones
For I know I could start the journey again

I called up Lady Luck to join me again
In the journey of life that never concludes
Loser!! She called me
The lesson of journey never concludes.

I want to move on...
Even without my friends & money
As life moves on; I move on with it
To a journey that never concludes

Walking alone on this path
With guts and determination
I want to continue the journey again
A journey where people would remember me
As the man who won million hearts

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