Sunday, January 01, 2006

Nostalgic Nostalgia...

Its been long long time i have ever blogged anything worth read on any of so many of my blog pages... Is it a looooong hibernation or just that i have really nothing to write, me wonders? One thing sure, Its not been a dead-end to the journey of thoughts that used to find some words on the blogs... nor has been the thought process frozen... its just like that you are not seeing an old friend for no reason and then you suddenly find no reason for doing so... it keeps going on in a loop until you allow the shackles to be broken, the mind to be freed of all uncalled-for dogmatic adjudicature of your_self... Its a kind of mental stalemate that you reach in that you 've to struggle to get out of... But a la old lost friend whom you meet accidentally and then just happens unknowingly you keep flowing down the memory lanes, me finds myself pretty same whenever it comes to keyboard beating a sound of all such nostalgic incidences on to the blog...

On a side note, its yet another co-incidence of incident, that finds me with some spare time to take stocks of the year gone by... But again as you put aside all your to-dos when you meet an old friend and keep going on babbling on and on... till no ends... i acceptedly put aside all the by-gones and morrows and relish the present so that i miss not the chance to break free those shackles yet again... :-)

Me bows down to usher in a new friend, Year 2006 !

BindView Rocks !!! even as we embrace a new friend, Symantec !

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