Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Don Shabd!

Don Shabd!

Frends, companymen, and all!

Hmmm, Actually I still cant believe I am penning down this post (Oh yeah ;iterally, thanks to the broadband connection that just turned even narrower that i am unable to log in onto my blog page). Its 5 to 12 midnight that I am at my desk as usual planning my todos for the next day. But an exception to this usualness is just even as I am writing down, I am readying myself to usher in yet another "fine day!". The day that I will like to ask HIM to last forever! But, like all good things this also has to come to an end :(As the tradition mandates and as I was asked couple of times recently to say "two words" i am obliged to do it on my sincere_most part (same time i can imagine that mishievous smile on whoever asked me to say two words, virtually testing my thought recollection, and expression ability ;) ). i mean, how can I do this humongous task in just two words :) ? Come on! (see i am done with two words already). So to follow the protocol me attempts to say those two words (me wonders shall these apt to "thank you" OR "Thanks Lot" OR "Best Luck" OR just "Stay Connected" OR "Ta Ta" OR "Tata Birla"; last one, courtsey, some serious side effect some nice company in our company ;) ) Anyways, its not done, i mean just to give u an idea y X th std. farewell two words had last eight full-sized pages.

So, to cut down on capital punishment to dear readers i reduce this sentence to just another two paragraphs (hope that's a fair deal farewell post!). Given this, I won't be poetic here rhyming on how good our company is, wont iterate how much you all helper me groom and grow, can't go ga ga over our past achievements as a team and unit. Two words restricts me not to talk much about the support_n_guidance you all provided me from time to time, forget naming every one of you reading this, and surely won't flatter you folks as how gr8-9-10 bunch of people we are! Just two words and and so I can't get nostalgic about all those moments that i have lived and thouroughly enjoyed and will cherish forever. Just as I say this, no matter if those moments flashes b4 me (a la Robert Patrick from TII who while going down in acid tank remembers many disguises taken all thru his life). Moments like: "Appearing for that test/ interviews", "those first days / induction", "those first team / company parties", "those elderly eyes hovering around your desk at start of the day wishing all gud mornings", "those early arrivals to office N those late night stays", "those bug bashes and those monthly b'day parties", "those con calls and those boring meetings", "those product switches and those new challenges and that joy of overcoming them all", "those defects/ customer issues and that !dea bulb clicking just when you reach ack home", " that gr8 migration to new location and those office outings", "those post lunch walk the talks".. .. .. Gawd! bhulaye nahi bhool sakta hain koyee!!!

I have just two words and that means neither can I be philosophical here to think "kuch pane ke liye kuch khonea padta hain!", nor will I think of that beautiful pyramid rule of why and how exactly this happens! But I must thank for having this chance to use two words that gives me liberty to say exactly what I want to say, simply "Thank you!"All this last 5 years and five months I say myself working as we do, learning as we do, and achieving those goals as we must and haveing that beautiful time together and am sure we will have it going ahead, but only thing is in this "we" "I will be missing". Yup, I will be misisng all this, for sure!Wishing you all the Best, me too signs off well b4 that evil's in my empty mind today keeps knocking with those uninvited memories to let me finally give up!


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maverick said...

hey sandy, kitna kuchh chhupa hai aapke andar!!!

senti kar diya yaar:)

Liked reading your "Don Shabd" very much.That "virtual testing" and "bhulaye nahi bhool sakta hai koi".......ab main kya kahoon...I've no words!:)