Saturday, January 18, 2003

Free as bird :
Recently at some leisure time on my weekends was just rubbing off some dust over my once passionately garnered heap of

documents. Though this is just my passtime activity to dig up thru my good old memoirs but I know 'twas more substantial than

any other hobby during those lonely summers of tutelage. Yes ! It was then that I came across a piece of paper, and again

that piece of used to be the prime target , like the zenith, beyond which I could hardly think of then and it beared those

BOLD artistically written "University Of Pune, Bachelor of............"
I can imagine you saying this is not that "Bachelor of...", but one thing is clear it has since then certainly given

me a new identity...Till then I was used to be called as sonu,Sandy,Schwarzenegger,stallone,and what not but now there is

this one more tag that is shining bright on my chest like a pendant on some war hero.
I know we all come alone empty hands go alike, but then you know human beings being social brutes have to have

someone for company, for sometime at least or the whole.So that brings me to the conclusion of being absolutely right in

hanging around with the guys (and I mean GUYS for the time being) and that we call us guys Babblers (these are seven birds that are known to be

hanging around together and hence also called "Sat-Bhai", typical to some "Animal Planet" hint :-) ).So whats wrong in that,

if someone has coined this phrase which makes Birds known to be flocking together.But as always, this poor bird (Me, whoelese

?)had yet another experience which made him feel like being stuck in some gold cage.This was the last day of last year and I

was virtually on the seventh heaven trying to be the first person to ring in the new year by doing what I can the best on such ocassions

(screaming LAGAAN to signify yet another bash and dance party at some equally,vocally babbling venue) But after calling at

almost couple of dozen places got the same reply: "stags not allowed" / "couples only"! Huh, so what !!! (I said to myself)

.But the questions still ponders me as to why no country for the people of Palestine, no food for the starving Somalis, No

tree to the migrating birds, and "Couples only "signs for the BACHELORS ???.Trying to find the answer at one of fav. places :

behind the closed doors of my cluster infront of this monitor,where sun never sets and thats where I find true solace (other

places being being HER lap, and... about which lets talk later) I get that this is still my Summer of 69 and definitely I

would always wanna be here, what if ther is no more some mama's porche...

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