Sunday, January 26, 2003

World cup Hamara !!!
And thus the countdown to WC finally coming to its cusp !!! By the time this twister wud get blown over the entire fraternity of Cricket freaks it will have definitely stamped its mark as a World cup that had embraced all the necessary masala in its conjunture.At least this is clear from the way the bulk N quantum has increased of this game which was mere a passtime of the Royal Colonizers.So much so that it has overwhelm the inventor of this game itself now.The game with prizemoney increasing with a digit with each version passing also deserves such a razzmatazz !!! And if had it been a concours of Adrenaline only then the Great stalwart of the sport today, The Maharaja of Kolkata, Mr Dalmiya (Prince being the SouravDa) wud'v be seen leading the pack.Hats off to Mr. D. for keeping the Indian tricolor flying high (even atleast off the field) allover the commonwealth.As for my bets inside the circle this time I am dead sure Tendlya gonna be the Mr. Sweeper of this tourney running home with all the accords and records at the cermonial stage.The LAGAAN relived ???
So lets ready to cheer up the men in blue !!!

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