Thursday, June 05, 2003

Faith is deliberate suspension of your disbelief...

Swami Vivekanand says;
"First have faith in yourself. Know that though one may be a little bubble and another
may be a mountain high wave, yet behind both the bubble and the wave there is the infinite ocean."

Sometime back I happened to see this documentary / video titled "Conspiracy theory". As i was seeing it could see my whole belief system stumbling down. The video was about "Did Man actually put step on the Moon?". If the evidences and different cases put forward by this are to be believed (which also seems quite convincing) then I must say, the biggest event in the History of mankind was infact the most expensive movie ever produced by America Inc, a complte hoax. And as if to rectify the flaws in the footage of Moon exploration are to be seen Hollywood had come up with "Capricon One". All this once again exposes American philosophy: "If you can not make it, fake it...". Also questions the very American motto about trust / faith "In God we trust.".
Sometimes we need to believe somethings blindly otherwise it would be humanly and socially impossible to live. So if someone says Earth is flat for that period it was flat, if someone comes and say it is now round, so be it. Life itself is also based on certain assumptions, and I think that only leads us to enjoy it, otherwise if start doubting everything its gonn to be I don't know what may be hell, a bowl of chaos...

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