Thursday, June 19, 2003

Pros and Cons of Rains...

We are now well in the middle of first month of monsoon, and surprises to get some sudden showers while midway to your office or outing is now bound to be there the next couple of months.
Today while I was on the way to office got completely soaked up by this sudden guest. The first obvious reaction was : "Oh No, not now..." but then gradually turned down to some mild : "Oh (majaa aa raha hain...)". The smiley face that was earlier like :-( turned to :-0 and then :)) : "(let it pour down heavily)".
If it rains while going to office or some imp. outing its bad but think u r goin to just some another place called office or just a some an assignment on the way; it then suddenly becomes good (think as if u or on Monsoon holiday in some place like Lonavala etc. where otherwise ironically we go intentionally to get wet).
"Oh, its started raining again...", "I forgot to buy new rain suit, that will suit current monsoon fashion, (now will have to make a makeshift with one spare jerkin in the bagpack as a rain pant... but just then why not even remove this rain shirt and get completely soaked instead of half wet half dry)"
"Its rain and any restaurant and snack centre is not yet open! No worry! its raining and its right time to have some just ovenised_seemingly_day_old wadapav (that tastes heavenly and certainly beyond the ones from Joshi Wadewale), Bhujiyas and a cup of powder-tea".
The roads are wet, the signals are wet, my timepiece is wet, oh everything is wet! Oh its a joy ride to the office as the roads are wonderfully wet, there's no time binding now as my watch has gone eternally incorrigible, Oh everything is so nice and exactly as I have been longing for from so long.

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