Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Long distance Confession Calls...
Its best way to get away from punishments, scolding etc. when you have done something wrong etc... 'to be sure enough you are atleast 500 k.m. away from one you are avowing your little mistakes and mischiefs to...
did a similar call today to my sis this morning (she thinks i am such a spoilt brat whenever she sees a comic book in my hand)... conversation went like this...

Sandy Uwach : Hello
Jiji : Yes!
Sandy Uwach : Sandip here.
Jiji : Oh well ! G'Morning!
Sandy Uwach : Reached here, safely, no worry!
Jiji : Howazz ur journey!
Sandy Uwach : Nice, u know what? I... I... I mean..
Jiji : U what ?
Sandy Uwach : I was just getting bored, so i thot get some comics for a company, but i tell u, i didn't read them all...
Jiji : (in a "Open your mouth mood") Sandy, that's bad habit. Anyways call me back.

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