Saturday, May 03, 2003

Came Home, Nobody is there....
Unknowingly the carpels palpating over remote...
And all that begins again...

Dil Ding Dong Ding dole {M TV}, Ufff P +
Main Tujhko bhaga laya... tere baap ke dar se {Remo TV} Oh No ! P +
Akki and Miss Jism misadventuring on the Mummy like set with Thumps up in hand {channel [V] } God Gracious.. P+
A promo self-proclaiming the biggest hit, with biggest and latest heart-throb "Ishq-Vishq" {B4 U } P+
"Dil ne bahut roka.... chali Aayee, chali Aayee..." hold on, this is something surreally afresh after a long gap... {ETC } lets P+ now...
"Ruthey Huye ho kyon?" Not again this streotypical Adnaam {CMM} P+
Latest update and implications on asian economy in general and Indian in particular. Hold this on , then Sumantra Ghosal on his "Lessons in Excellence" Hmmm OK {CNBC} now P+
"Hello, Oh no say Hellowa (thats gorgeous :-) ), How r u frends ? " blah-blah.. twinkie twinkie... see ya Reddy Galu, Oh I mean tata that was a nice one {SS Music}... P+
Some 60's cowboy flick... {Action TV} P+
Sabse Tej, Aaj tak... P+
"mad about you...", nice to lower down your IQ and laugh with Mrs. Now_a_days_pregnant Meg Ryan {ZEE English} P+
blank screen {must be DD} P+
"Call our 24 Hrs service at 091- 011 - ..." {Zee TV} P+
Arjun Hunk Rampal & Diya Mirza (Oh, she still has a looong way to go...) "Haye mera diwanapan kuch kaam to aaya..." {Zee Music} P+
Mother Teresa in B&W background , hold on to {NDTV} P+
Sanju baba doing a chimp Act {some local cable} P+
Scene : Gotham city library rooftop, Mr. Masked batman and Mr. R fighting ice man Arnie, lets come back here again {HBO} P+
Iraq after Saddam : A reporter talking to another reporter who in turn relinquishing the mike to another one.., and this picture in - picture out continues for sometime {BBC world} P+
The aged stallion Andre Agassi braving away all odds against some new fiery kid, hold on , {Star sports} P-,
Tim Sebastian doing a torn-apart act to some zonal chief of GreenPeace wing of Australia, {BBC world} P++,
'Lashkara' crooning some Punjabi song P+
Elder amongst the Shirodkar siblings : "Najuk najuk najuk, main hun najuk badi..." (don't tell) {Zee Cinema} P+
The Mane Event (PPG) hold on till next Toon Tamasha break... {Cartoon N/w} P+
"Saanj Sawalya" Hmmm {Alpha Tv marathi} P+
KKKusum crying, crying and only crying... as she knows, Siddhartha's latest Brain tumor, Oh my goodness !!! Somebody save her and Also Miss Kapur {Sony} P+
Goes on and on and on till I come back to
Welcome to "M TV Fully Faltoo" : Oh so very True :-)

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