Saturday, May 10, 2003

Lets share not seek...
What is love? (sometimes asking such questions makes one feel like puting hand in a bag full of scorpions... even as you know that you gonna be bitten)


Because it must be experienced in order to be meaningful, I can not define it for you except to say that it is the total absence of fear and the recognition of complete union with all life.
True love is a completely pure and unencumbered form of giving without expecting something in return.
So atleast in affairs like these that are close to ones heart (say love, crush, infatuation etc.) or those to ones mind (spiritual, humanity, or principles or so called beliefs etc... ) there is nothing like "Give and Get", and if thats the feeling across, I must say one is dearly wronged. One can not expect to get back in return, just for the reason that if one does attach giving with desire of getting, you are not really giving but trying to seek; and the so called giving is just a token of an attempt to ask for something. But this has to be pretty well understood and understood shall be the basic distinction between 'Seeking' and 'Sharing'. Just as it shall be known to the seeker about importance of being humble (because being the seeker, after all), It shall also be known to the so called giver that there is never enough one can have to afford to give. In the whole gamut of this "give and take relationships", one shall not forget that if such equations finally ends up with a cipher on one side, on the other side it ends up with a nought too. And the void is that remains on both sides at the end (One has to be real honest to accept such harsh facts, because the more one denies, the more it becomes difficult to make it accept to ones' inner one). So better way out is to be on the incremental side of the Equation of Relationships, because there will be some decremental sides to bring it back to nought at the end (believe it or not, this is the penultimate fact of life. 'life' is such a pauper word to explain this I guess, because life itselfs gets nullified by 'death' then). And one can be on the incremental or plus side just by earning as much positives as can be, all one can do then, is just share or distribute as much as one has and one can. It is just for this reason one shall welcome and encourage the sharing, lest forget seeking or giving, thats not in ones reach.
If thats pretty heavy, lets bemire deeper into this later.

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