Saturday, May 31, 2003

Power of Music
This feeling is heavenly
Music plays such a critical part in ones life...
Of late I have become one of those music buffs now who just can not go out without earplugs on...
In fact now the body discman is so tuned to it (like one has the bodyclock) that even do not need actual device to put on. The music just seems to flow at the back of your mind even though disc has stopped long ago. Extend your passionate ears and now even can feel those music symbols flying around you (a sign to know this feeling is when automatically and unknowingly your hand blows slowly in the air along with the tunes of what u r listening)

Woke up today to the tunes of Bollywood songs roaring out of Radio Mirchi.
then it was time to dig head in old video songs archive of Bryan Adams (still feel that shiver running down the spine when watch his recorded live shows man ! ), Venga boys, Indi pop, Shakira etc.

then suddenly gears down to jagjit singh while in the office, post lunch mood shifts to Enrique again and now back to golden oldie Marathi Asha bhosale (NakshatraanChe Dene, Aawaj Chandananchye) .... N sometimes music needs no language when it comes to spanish, urdu, south...

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