Sunday, March 30, 2003

Eureka !!!
Ever wondered the keys to achieve the success (and by success I mean what you mean success is) in whatever,whenever, wherever you want to (does this sound a bit like Vapurza ? )
I think I just hit the board !!!
Here it is....
Just start saying these fine little words slowly to urself and mean by them what you honestly want to mean by them.
Friendship,Enthusiasm,Faith,Trust,Simplicity,You,We,Honesty,Integrity,Hardwork,Consistency,Tears,Parents,Mother,Mercy, Pity, Peace, Love,Smile,Cheer,God,Worship...

Or goto some Book shoppee, surf some thousand links over search engines,read and ask and talk how,what, when, where and why ?

My Goodness !!! As I write these words I can understand why someone called words as weapons and so lethal to handle them carefully...

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