Sunday, March 09, 2003

I wonder what the button at left bottom my screen would be called if had not been labeled as "Start" !!!

Hi there !
Here I am, again !!!
Want to compile few phrases today ( and this I will fight for a patent as it shall eventually go into the S/W Engg. curriculum ).
1. There is no personal life for a Software Engineer.
2. There shall be efforts and resources allocated for log writing in the project plan.
3. Add few more pipes in your "Parallel processing" (read in double quotes + Bold + Italic ) so that the time thus saved can be used to add few more pipes.Theoretically thus you have infinite time to accomodate any last minute spec changes, new features etc. into your projects.
So, this was Sandy (the pro) speaking from other side of the table typically in the status meeting of the project.But ask me and I can just wonder "why the hell are there only 24 hours in a Day".Why do we have to break down (deservedly though) every 10-12 hrs and goto bed again for same time.I always wonder at this greatest defect in The God's design of human program.Why didn't He then thought of this serious issue that may come at the customers site (i.e. life on the Earth) that his program hangs every 10 hrs for almost same amount of time thus reducing the thouroughput by half. Thus after taking a note of this problem, I have come with above probable solutions.Do you find more ???
It does not necessarily mean that I am on the slippage right now.Its just that, I think, I have too many things todo on my list and I have very little time to do.Though it may sound "Wow !!! finally Sandy has found his way" but I had been contemplating on few things that I know I shall take up parallely some day.Like for instance reading, writing (it was always there since last decade, come and I shall show you the heap of diaries and notes and poems that I wrote many of them though as raw as a kid's freeform drawing or as finished as an artist's rendering ), cooking (of late I want go beyond a cup of bournvita and atleast some venturing into Venky's or Maggi's instant stuff..)
Want to make another statement today... "So Start (doing things). Lets try as much as possible and pursue the instincts and be there where we always want to be !"

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