Sunday, March 09, 2003

Funny Incident
Rishikesh is such a quick witted guy and equally prompt at making excuses.Take a look.
1. I remember during our training session after we had freshly joined in once he came late in the hall.The man incharge there (I knew him as the project manager afterwards) said "Man, you are late, its 10 past 10", Rishi says "I was struck in traffic", the man again asks "is that an excuse ??", now Rishi says "no, its fact...", the man just smiles and shows him the seat.
2. During a status meeting of our project in the company conference room after exchanging a few pleasantries the manager stopped and stared at Rishikesh. (Imagine the General inspecting the Guard of Honour in a military camp after a march past ceremony halts at Rishikesh ) and asks "So man, what is the status of our project, is it on track ? " Rishi promptly says "Yes ! Right on track !" (Imagine him as hammering a right leg and saluting him promptly as he answers), then whispering silently to the fellow cadet "but in negative direction..."

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