Sunday, March 02, 2003

Feeling very apt to pick this up from PS's log....
>>Yikes!! I feel like telling myself loong time no see
>>Kya kare, I was(am still) buried under a "list of things to do" for the past few months(weeks)(??)
>>Anywayz I promise myself to keep in touch with this blog :)
>>[Currently MLTR is occupying the first (coveted (?)) spot in my music fav list
>>Blue Night is fabulous.]
Currently though I am giving ear to Shania Twain's 3G (Gonna Getcha Good !!) and Las Ketchup (Bryan Adams is for forever).Besides, riding on my Blue Angel (Blue Pulsar ; Definitely... fame :-) been latest passion especially last night's celebs were on the peak ; screamming Lagaan and Sachinnn all thru the Pune streets joining in with few thousand more riders was an utterly enthralling experience...

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