Sunday, March 16, 2003

My first car
Hi Dear,
Here I am again...

Above two lines are my starting signature from what one can see in my Daily Diary that I pen down weekly now nowadays (Ah..Aa what figure of speech this is? )
Perhaps, since I have started seeing my blog, I have started missing dates with dear diary (Guess this FOS now ? Have you ever seen Romantic personification like this before).
Sometimes while writing down my thoughts I feel such a high level of energy and joy. And sometimes even there is so much over-confidence about myself that I think had I not been writing programs probably cud've easily given those William Wordsworths and R. Frosts a run of yard or two for their money. Thats when my otherself has to come in the picture and calm me down (Probably this speaks of me having a dual personality to some extent, but that's just a lateral thinking).
BTW why the hell I am writing this dangerous word "I" so often these days that will make Norman Lewis feel short of all possible combinations and derivations of "ego".I know (again I :-O ) OK lets try like this, someone has rightly said that its better to know one's limitations, but isn't it even better to know one's potential rather? isn't it good to know where you can be after been known where you stand actually.
Anyways,again.have to improve on this going wayward from the topic in hand.See!!! the title wud make no sense to what you have read so far... I remember once there was an essay competition and the subject was "Mahatma Gandhi", and to my wonder than anyone else I won it amongst couple of hundred other better writers. Afterwards during formal acknowledging I asked the judge why me? even when I had not written anything significant (infact nothing) about Father of the Nation ? he later said he read only the last line in the essay which coincidently was about 'Bapu', (for a record it was "Jab apni hi dhun me aa kar tu jailo ka mehmaan ban gaya,Mutthi bhar haddi ka dhancha ek bada tufaan ban gaya..." wah wah, taaliya !!! ).
I do not dream often,but I think.
So what? we all think.But does all of us think laterally?. So after almost conquering the "mediocre" goals in the life (again why do we use such heavy words like life,world,God so often ?) so far, I turned towards next campaign. I always thought and knew that I will be having my own car one day.My decision about buying a car was possibly forced by some factors though.As we know Pune is famous for being notorious for more than a reason.Famous and notorious same time because of some P's that are attached with the Pune.Pune was once famous as Pensioner's Paradise, but is now known as the hell for the people crawling. Then if Pu. La has brought some accolades to the town then Pune is also notorious for being the one of the if not most Polluted cities.Yup, it was because of this pollution that I decided to buy a nice little car.I bought it yesterday and it is real nice little and spacious.And let me tell you, that I am now completely happy having gotten rid of the noise and pollution on the road while riding on a bike.there is also one thing unique about it, it is of latest design and a limited edition, and can accomodate only a single person.But the best deal is I won't have to leave away my Blue angel Pulsar.There are no wheels to it and, and hold have to wear it on head.
Yup ! it is my new helmet.and it will be for the time sake a placeholder for my first car.
Congrats to me for this marriage of convenience.

So I finally..
I got my first real four wheeler,
bought it at 8 hundred and 50.
Ride it till my petrol consumed,
Me and some guys from the office wanted to go to a movie,
But Rishi left and SK is abroad.
shud 've known there's jam on the road.
But when I look back now
from the rear glass of my bike,
that traffic police seem to chase me.
And if I had a chance,
Always wanna be free.
Coz' I am back in summer of 2003 ;-)
These are sure the Best days of life !!!!

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